Tardif Landscaping

Seeding, Mowing & Pruning

Regular maintenance can:

  • Keep trees and plants healthy
  • Keep lawns and gardens weed-free
  • Prevent dead spots on lawns
  • Maintain the shape of trees, shrubs, & hedges
  • Maintain a structurally sound landscape
  • Reduce the risk of property damage caused by wind or storms

Keep your landscaping looking great year-round with our seeding, mowing, and pruning services.

Busy home and business owners often don’t have the time, equipment, or expertise to keep up with their landscaping. However, letting it become overgrown can damage plants, hurt your property value, and reduce curb appeal. Tardif Landscape & Excavation offers a variety of maintenance services to protect your landscaping investment. Whether your lawn needs complete seeding, patch repair, or regular mowing, we can ensure it becomes – and stays – healthy and green. We also provide expert pruning services for hedges, shrubs, and trees.

Lawn mowing, hedge trimming – and beyond.

As a professional provider of landscaping services, Tardif pays close attention to lawn height, plant health and overall property needs, and we are always careful around features such as fencing, walls, and border edging. Contact us today for a free quote.

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