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Land / Brush Clearing

The benefits of brush clearing:

  • Improves access to your home or facility
  • Beautifies your property & enhances views
  • Controls invasive plant growth
  • Increases property values
  • Creates more usable space
  • Allows more light & space for other plants or crops

Is your property overgrown with brush, trees and debris? Tardif Landscape & Excavation offers land clearing, brush mowing, and woodland thinning services for lots of all sizes.

In addition to preventing you from maximizing the use of your land, overgrown property poses a fire hazard and can easily become home to undesirable plant species such as poison ivy. Whether you are looking to remove dense overgrowth, selectively thin trees, or clear brush along survey lines or fence lines, Tardif’s land clearing service helps you take back control of your property. We have the equipment and professional experience to quickly and safely clear overgrown lots. Trees and stumps can be mulched, so all the land left behind is completely ready to use.

Start getting more out of your property.

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